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ƒ‚a‚f‚lGOmoiafurete*Overflowing with Lave*„

Greetings of the month 2012, 5 and 6.

Cherry bloom fall rush rapidly in a blink of an eye and became bright green leaves around.
Cycle of the seasons is really early!

Mid-March I went to what concert tours Egypt!
Cairo street drifting history, it was just exciting to feel the power more than I thought.
It came through the desert Nile river filled with exuberant water, thousands of kilometers is like a lie.

Shine event a lot of sensitivity, I am confident playing in front of the Egyptian people can be expressive of the mind, originality.
I am looking forward the annual birthday concert in Ichikawa on May 9.
Also on Feburary 5 there is the other concert in Oyama, will for years?
On May 27, there was the state in Hokkaido Chimikeppu lake, with last fall and continued to SAX Mr. Kono.
Wrapped in fresh green of nature, Let's play the fresh sound!
It is the first time in the club live in Meguro, Tokyo on June 6th.
The club is a little casual with very good atmosphere.
That is also a new venue, so is likely to be a wide variety of content.
If you are interested in, please join us!!

Pianist Chikara Kobayashi 
New Year Greetings 2012

Happy New Year!!
In 2012 I was able to embark on a new year.
Thank you very much again this year.
People survived the catastrophe, everyone go all work together, I felt how important the ties with people is.
I also appreciate really,sincerely to everyone  that support me, and I still can play the sound.

I hope that I can concentrate more on my music in this year.
I want to make a little more time for myself!
This winter is as cold and often snowy.
Please keep yourself warm, and don't catch a cold... have a good year.
Please come our live concert! We will look forward to see you all.

Pianist Chikara Kobayashi 
2011 JUNE Message

feeling the sign of early summer... 
After the gloomy rainy season has passed,
blue sky, blue sea, and hot summer has come.

these days the various kinds of events are happening in Japan,
especially i feel very sorry about the earthquake in the Esat Japan.
But we are not behind. 
I beleve that i can do right now is play the music and 
send the happy sounds like always.

I hope my performing somehow encourage the people and make them happy.

Please come and see me 
on Summer Live and Summer Concert at everwhere by all means.

i look forward to seeing YOU ALL!

  Pianist Chikara Kobayashi 

2011 New Year Message

A Happy New Year!
How are you everyone?
I am having very good year.
This year, I hope I could find the another gold to achieve and I would like to aim my originality playing too.

Last Year I had another chance to express myself at Shibuya" JZ BRAT" and Yugawara "LA CIENEGA". It was very beautiful stage.
Also I could have a chance to hold the another concert in Brazil, I learned a lot through that experiences.

I think it will be awesome if I can have opportunities to have great concerts like last year.
And I hope I can have a great audience like YOU, like last year!

I wish you all a Happy New Year !!
Chikara Kobayashi 

The view of SHONAN

Oct,4 2010 To the Chikara Fan from Brazil Concert tour
Message from Brazil

Hello everyone ! 
I haven't been update my Home Page, BUT
I would like to update the Home Page for long time!!
so, Please Check it OUY!!
I stay in Brazil for Piano Concert tour now(I will return to 
Japan 13th.)
The Concert is rising every day!!
Today (Oct,4 2010) I performed the concert at the hole of 
Londrina city.
I am veer happy to see many peoples. There ware many 
They are very passiobated and very excited !!
I report it again.
Please expect my schedule! 

Chikara Kobayashi 

Looking at the Iguazu Falls from Brazil sade(Photo)

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