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Chikara Kobayashi Profile
Chikara Kobayashi, born in Tokyo and raised in Kamakura.
He has been playing in Classic, Popular and Chanson, and plus making songs
Also arranging and playing in very wide kinds of music.
He is greatly Believed in Hiroshi Ashino as a attached pianist of him, one of the great chanson singer in Japan.

He was offered to participant and accompanied in the famous concert, called " Friendship Hiroshi Ashino Paris Concert" with him in April 2002.
In the same year he was invited in New York and South France , and he hold the own piano solo concert in October.

After a couples of years, he got a big chance again. He was invited in France again and he played piano Solo Concert at Hotel Litz in Paris. He was appreciated and the local media valued him very much.

In 2008 June, he participated in the famous summer music event, "FETE DE LA MUSIQUE" in Switzerland Lausanne City. He hold the own concert in Lausanne -Paris, his original melody was critically acclaimed.

In 2009 September, he opened Piano Concert at South France and the hall was full of audience, his playing fascinated them and the hall was wrapped in passion.

In Japan, He hold the live concerts like the Solo and Trio, and he played out his passion at all of Japan.

His Charming song is Sweet and Beautiful, sinking deep into your heart and composed of delicate, feeling parts.

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